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According to the World Health Organization, industrialized countries have the highest rates of depression, accounting for almost 7% of the population. Children or adults who suffer from depression have lower incomes, lower educational attainment and fewer days working each year. This translates into a lifetime loss for each family who has a depressed family member of $300,000 (Smith & Smith, 2010).

– Depression is a major risk factor and associated with the top three causes of death, stroke, cancer and heart disease.
– Researchers have found that individuals with depression live on average five years less then their non-depressed counterparts.
– People who suffer from depression have an 11 percent decrease in the probability of getting married (Smith & Smith, 2010).
– The cost of depression (lost productivity and increased medical expenses) is $83 billion each year.

QEEG Neurofeedback training offers a non-invasive, proven, and effective way to alleviate depression without a lifetime reliance on medication. While medication and therapy can work together with our treatments, we also notice some individuals are able to discontinue their medication during or after they complete the training. This is only done under their doctors supervision.

Feelings of sadness, decreased energy, apathy, and moodiness can often be visualized as electrical imbalances in the brain. Our specific protocols can alleviate feelings of depression and leave our clients feeling happy and at ease without medications.  ~ Dr. F. S. Starr

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Tailor-made QEEG Neurofeedback therapy

Our team of neurofeedback specialists has extensive knowledge and experience in assisting people to reduce their feelings of depression. Key to your neurofeedback therapy is getting insight into how your brain works. We do this with an initial brain map.  Based on your brain map, the electrical imbalances can be pinpointed and identified. This map provides a blueprint that allows us to program a tailor-made braintraining regimen to put you back on the path to health and well-being.

Depression in the brain can manifest with several different electrical patterns.

Frontal EEG Asymetry – This is a common finding in resting state brains of individuals that experience feelings of lassitude, unease, and moodiness. This can occur in the Brainwaves; Alpha, Theta or Beta. Frontal EEG Asymetry is one of the most common traits we see in individuals who complain of depression.

Hypercoherence in posterior sensors – Increased connectivity in the posterior part of the brain also cause feelings of depression. This finding leads to decreased flexibility in thinking, mental confusion, and irritability.

Good News! Neurofeedback provides lasting results with both of these most common causes. QEEG neurofeedback teaches your brain to break out of these habits and work more efficiently.

QEEG neurofeedback is non-invasive and works with the self-regulating power of your brain.

Our neurofeedback therapy can help you overcome your depression without or together with medication.

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Neurofeedback Therapy for Depression

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