Dr. F.S. “Freddy” Starr on Anxiety & Neurofeedback

What is Anxiety? What are the effects on our daily lives?

Anxiety can be a normal response to stress. People feel anxious about a range of everyday activities, but are able to use the feelings of anticipation to spark themselves into action or modify what they are doing.

Healthy anxiety is normal. But in some people, the worry and dread don’t go away. It is present most days and can be intense, causing significant interference in an individual’s functioning. This type of anxiety is not useful. It creates a block that impedes accomplishments, prevents people from interacting with others and has severe long term health consequences both on the sufferer and society at large.

Chronic anxiety has been linked to sleep disorders, obesity, and depression.

QEEG Neurofeedback & Anxiety

To simply label all those who suffer from chronic dread and worry as having the same disorder is nothing short of madness. The root causes of anxiety are complex and multivariate. Using our QEEG Neurofeedback Therapy, the source of anxiety in the brain can be localized. When viewed, it appears like the brain is wired to fire. The idling speed is faster and the connections for fight and flight are more numerous. A brain on anxiety is not a happy brain.

QEEG can help you find an answer. For some, anxiety can be related to a minor head injury causing one of the compartments in the brain to malfunction. As a result, the rest of the brain sets itself on edge as it knows all of the circuits are not firing properly. This is one of the defense mechanisms built into the brain. The brain can also get stuck in a fast firing pattern due to trauma, or life habits. Certain disease states can also reflect in the brain chemistry and electrical activity thus leading to anxiety.

Our QEEG Neurofeedback Therapy can help slow down the brain, improve well-being and assist with clear thinking. It is our specific type of training that promises the fastest results or your money back. That is our guarantee.

Tips on preventing & dealing with anxiety

Normal anxiety should not be prevented or ignored. Individuals experience anxiety in order to warn themselves of potential danger. When anxiety becomes significant, it interferes with some daily processes like sleep, work, and recreation.

The most common way individuals deal with anxiety is via self-medication. Alcoholism and chronic drugs use are often coping mechanisms for anxiety. These coping mechanisms are clearly maladaptive and can carry significant consequences. Typically, medical doctors prescribe benzodiazepines and serotonin-promoting drugs to deal with anxiety. Although this can lead to short-term relief, medication does not address the source of the problem. It also lacks an effective strategy to effectively alleviate the anxiety without medication.

Specific therapy modalities such as Cognitive Behavior Therapy can also assist in reducing and coping with chronic dread and worry. Meditation has been shown to be effective in reducing anxiety when practiced consistently.

With our QEEG Neurofeedback Therapy, our technique of localizing and training the area of the brain that is creating the dread and worry has a >85% success rate. Individuals who have failed conventional treatment find success with us. The reduction of chronic anxious feelings is one of the most straightforward and reliable applications of Neurofeedback.  

About Dr. F.S. “Freddy” Starr – MD, FAACAP, BCIA

With over 25 years of experience in the field of mental health, Dr. Starr is one of the leading specialists worldwide in QEEG-Guided Neurofeedback. He heads our team of “Neuropractors”, and ensures your neurofeedback training is efficient, safe and effective. He has been Board Certified in QEEG and Neurofeedback since 2008 and has scanned over 20,000 brains.  ”Freddy” is a waterman and a Vipassana Meditation Practitioner.

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