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QEEG Neurofeedback Therapy from the comfort of your home

Remote Neurofeedback Solutions offers you the unique possibility of following cutting-edge, scientific neurofeedback therapy from anywhere you want. Be it your office, home or even garden; as long as you’re in a place that allows you to focus and connect to the internet, you’re able to follow neurofeedback therapy guided by our team of neurofeedback specialists.

Dr. F. S. “Freddy” Starr (MD, FAACAP, BCIA) leads our team of “neuropractors”. He has over 25 years of experience in computer-assisted therapy and psychiatry. He has been Board Certified in QEEG and Neurofeedback since 2008 and has scanned over 20,000 brains. This makes our team one of the leading teams in neurofeedback, guaranteeing the highest chance of success.

Keep reading to learn more about QEEG neurofeedback, or contact us today with any questions you might have.

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Neurofeedback helps you to reach your peak potential. We can also help you with
many brain related issues; 
from concentration problems to anxiety to insomnia.

Neurofeedback from home in 3 easy steps

1. Consult & Enroll

Get in touch with our specialists for a preliminary consult & to learn more about neurofeedback therapy from home. When after this consult, we believe neurofeedback therapy can help you, you are invited to enroll in our program.

All training materials will then be reserved and shipped to you. No need to purchase anything yourself, just decide on what you feel is the best spot to do your training.

2. Map & Analysis

Once you’ve received your training device, our neurofeedback specialists will talk you through setting it up. No computer literacy required! We’ll make a brain map, to get insight into how your brain works and where we can improve.

Our team of specialists analyses your brain map and develops a tailor-made, fully personalized training protocol. Now you’re all set to start your neurofeedback at home.

3. Training & Follow-up

Your training protocols get loaded into your training device, and our neurofeedback specialists will guide you through every training. Periodically they will make a new brain map to check your progress and further refine your training protocols. All included no additional fees.

After your neurofeedback training, we will analyze your data and show you the progress made. Once done, our courier comes to pick up the training device.

What our neurofeedback patients say